About Me

Hi, I'm Shawn, and I help people to improve their handwriting.

I'm a professional writer and I write longhand A LOT. I write both commercially and creatively - both in English and Dutch. I recently became fascinated by fountain pens and want to learn more and share what I've learned here with you.

I've done research into graphology, fountain pens, and calligraphy. On this blog, I share what I've learned with you.

This blog is about improving your handwriting, so you'll love your handwriting and love to write. Write along as I try to improve my own handwriting and explore the world of fountain pens, paper, and fonts.

It's an extension of my YouTube channel, where I originally started sharing handwriting tips.

If you're looking to improve your handwriting because you don't like your current style, get hand fatigue or just like to try out new things, this website and the channel are great resources.